Saturday 31 May 2014

Grand Finale

A happy ending to a great beginning. We presented our final recommendations to our customer on Friday Morning. Four weeks of intense work went into putting together our finale presentation. It felt so good to be present amidst both our colleagues from IBM and WEF and to be closing the assignment successfully. The customer was more than happy about the work we had done and highly regarded our presence for the month there. Final photograph sessions, exchanging contacts and cards, hugs and kisses, ahh - the oh-so parting ways atmosphere.
That afternoon we visited the IBM East Africa office for an executive meeting. After a few hours of discussions and meetings, we headed back to Riverside to get ready for the finale dinner at Carnivore (well, there were vegan options too). It was fun to be going together in the bus one last time. 
Post dinner we all gathered by the pool-side to spend some quality time together. Dominic sang for us and we joined him too. And then the hugs and good byes! It is over!

Happy ending!


@ Carnivore

Singing by the pool

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  1. Congratulations!!!! Great job!!! :-) Amazing n at the same time m also gonna miss readng ur updates :) Way to go....Cheers, Divya