Friday 23 May 2014

Meetings, Visits & Discussions

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday pretty much remained busy days with multiple meetings at multiple places. Though the morning started with some weird side effects as a result of taking the Malaria Pill, the day progressed to be very interesting and exciting. First was the visit to the Catholic University. Ahh! fresh atmosphere - was reminded of my college days. It was fun to have lunch in their cafe amidst the students.
   Post lunch, we had a meeting scheduled with Eric Mibuari and Charity Wayua at The IBM Africa Research Lab. Interesting insights on how technology can be leveraged to solve some of the problems of Africa. The discussion was very stimulating - could have continued, but did we have the time? Following that, we went around the lab to see some of the amazing research that our team is doing. I literally had goosebumps when I heard about some of the projects and the impact those would create in future. Intense and terrific! That night we were guests at Spurwings and were hosted by Raphael and Susan for an awesome dinner. We also had a small birthday surprise in store for HS! Arrived pretty late at Riverside.
   Thursday was another busy day at NSSF and late in the afternoon, we quickly wrapped up to be at Strathmore University for a panel discussion and stakeholder meeting on 'Software Development and Innovation in Africa'. The adroitness and the enthusiasm that some of the students portrayed in coming up with some unique innovations and business ideas was remarkable. Another late night arrival at Riverside.
Friday - another meeting with our Director in the morning, followed by serious work on the final presentation. Back home now and all set for the weekend. Not too many things on the agenda for the weekend, like the past ones. But looking forward to an interesting Saturday followed by a Shopping Sunday! Weekend time!
Outdoor Cafe @ CUEA
@ IBM Research Lab
@CUEA Corridor

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