Saturday 17 May 2014

Splendid Saturday!

Early Saturday mornings are always fun to be out on the road! After grabbing some quick breakfast, we loaded the luggage in our Land Rover and kicked off our weekend at 6AM. We were soon on the Naivasha highway headed towards The Great Rift Valley. The view of the valley was breathtaking. Chilly morning, hot coffee, the valley in front of us - a perfect start to a weekend. While some of us chose to cycle at Hells Gate National Park, others decided to hike Mt. Longonot.
With hats, boots, glasses and sunscreen on, we started biking. It was amazing to cycle past the numerous Zebras, Giraffes, Impalas, Warthogs and Monkeys (all in the open, not fenced). The road was slightly rough but the company was so good, that we had a great time chatting and laughing on the way. And in no time we covered a distance of 9kms, when we reached the Hells' Gate Gorge. We left our bikes there to hike through the gorge. Thanks to the hiking shoes I bought in Nairobi. I couldn't have completed that bit without them. The pictures below should speak for themselves. Another 9kms ride back to the entrance was inevitable, and I couldn't get through that night without a muscle spray :) 18kms - gosh! But was truly a fantastic experience.
We quickly left the place to head to Lake Naivasha for a picnic lunch. This lake is home for Hippos and many species of birds and also offers a boat ride, but given the time constraint we chose to skip the ride. After lunch, we were soon on the East African Highway (supposedly connects Uganda, Kenya & Ethiopia) headed towards Lake Nakuru. In 2 hours we reached Nakuru and decided to go straight for a game drive. Spotting Rhinos (black and white), Waterbucks, Baboons, Wild Buffaloes from the roof of our vehicle was the best part of the evening. After a long day and multiple stop-overs we finally reached Sarova Lion Hill Game Lodge, where we were to spend the night. Dinner, Dancing and off to bed, ofcourse with multiple sore muscles. :)) #ibmcsc Kenya

Coffee at Rift valley
Mt. Longonot
Hells Gate Biking

The Gang
Welcomed by the Giraffe

These pictures are not zoomed!

Impala Herd
The adventure begins

@ the gorge

Heading forward

Again, no zoom!
Lunch @ Naivasha

Should hear it chirping - melodious

Lake Naivasha
Lake Elementaita

and we arrive

@ Lake Nakuru National Park

The path was creepy
The amazing Lake Nakuru

Impala Herd

White Rhino

Another view - Lake Nakuru

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  1. Awesome pictures..Can smell the joy you had :) Super!!!!