Sunday 25 May 2014


Saturday morning we drove to Gatanga, to visit the YARD Community. Luke was a US Peace Corps Volunteer way back in 2003 with this organization. So he decided to take all of us to this place about 60 Kms away from Nairobi. Calm, green and serene was the first impression. Amazing views, tea, coffee and pineapple plantations, hairpin bends and the scenic Ndakaini Dam were a cynosure to the eyes all through. YARD has been successfully implementing community development projects and has been encouraging and empowering youth. After meeting with the enthusiastic team of YARD, we drove further to visit two community groups that YARD serves. It was fun to be in a typical African village setting and dance to the tribal Kikuyu numbers. We spent the whole day at Gatanga and returned to Nairobi late in the evening. Thanks to 'Luka' for arranging the trip.
Dinner time! We decided to be at the Open House Restaurant - happens to serve fine Indian Cuisine. After  hogging on some Rotis and Kashmiri Dum Aloo, we decided to head to a nearby dance lounge. It was an amazing evening with some real amazing experiences. Returned home late in the night and off to sleep! #ibmcsc Kenya




Ndakaini Dam

The Group @ Gatanga!
Green House


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