Thursday 8 May 2014

Meetings Continue

The Jim Cab comes in at 07:30AM and now that we are used to waiting on the roads for a long time, we decided to do our prep for the meetings on our way. The second day continued with more interesting meetings and sessions with members from other departments. I got introduced to some new terms, new areas of work and of course it was great interacting with new people. Lots to learn and imbibe. Late in the evening, we went to the Nairobi Safari Club Hotel for a meeting with one of WEFs partners -  ILO. New insights and thoughts from the interaction - stored in memory to be retrieved tomorrow. Exhausted! And the long wait on the roads make you even more tired. But was there something to look forward to back at Riverside? :)) #ibmcsc Kenya

Waiting for Jim!
@ Safari Club
Enroute Safari Club
With our partners

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  1. So Raghuveer. You having an occupied day entirely.. Nice to read your day to day activities in this blog. :) Nice pictures...