Sunday 18 May 2014

Second Week Ends!

Sunday started as early as 6AM to finish two more game drives, climb the Baboon Cliff and drive back to Nairobi. More Rhinos, Waterbucks,  Flamingos and Jackals were spotted. We missed the Lions and Leopards though. 
Back at the breakfast table, a small birthday surprise awaited Luke. We soon checked-out and went up The Baboon Cliff to get a good view of Nakuru. After spending sometime there and finishing another quick game drive and a quick lunch, we headed out to Nairobi. The trip was amazing and given that all 15 of us were able to make it for this one was indeed the best part. Loads of pictures and lots of memories. The third week begins tomorrow. Preparing now for the Mid-Term review with the CEO of WEF at 10AM Monday Morning! #ibmcsc Kenya

The Rhino Herd

Lake Nakuru
National Park

Atop Baboon Cliff

@Sarova Hotels

Atop Baboon Cliff
Happy Birthday Luke!

All set to leave!

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  1. What a spot for Bday!!!! :-) Amazing picturess Raghuveer.... Scenic