Friday 16 May 2014

'Special' Day

Ok! Weekend time, but before wrapping up, what was so special about Friday? I'm sure you would want to know. Well, a lazy morning, followed by some dose of Zuku to catch up with the election results back in India. We stayed back at the apartment and worked for a couple of hours before we headed to the Jacaranda School for Special Children. The visit was planned two months ago and we were told that the kids have been waiting to meet us. 
It was indeed special. The kids were so excited to meet and interact with us. Outdoor games - volley ball, sack race, etc., lunch, visit to workshops to see the work done by the kids filled our agenda till early afternoon. Post that we had a little cultural event that the kids performed for us, followed by the IBM team (us) singing Jambo Bwana! :)) We got some little things for the kids and they were more than happy to have made new friends at the end of the day. Amazing experience!
Moving ahead from there, we stopped by at The Sarit Centre to quickly pick up some stuff when the news about some explosions in Nairobi came in. After a little usual fight with the traffic, we reached Riverside. The plan was to head to Trattoria to try some Italian Cuisine, but given the news on the explosions, we had to cancel the plan and stay back at the hotel. But Ulla-Britt played hostess and invited us to her place - C9. We had some great time chatting, eating and having fun. We ordered pizzas for dinner and desserts and drinks are always there. 
Just back after a 'Special' day both at the school and at C9. While I'm quickly packing as we are headed out of Nairobi very early tomorrow, I didn't want to keep my readers hungry till early next week. Have a great weekend! #ibmcsc Kenya

Group Picture
Alex was just amazing
Dominic - Total Event Coverage

Jambo Bwana!

Blue/Green/Red/Yellow Bandanas


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