Thursday 15 May 2014

Out in the city on business

Wednesday pretty much remained a calm working day. Prep was already on to be all set for the review meeting on Monday morning. We then slipped into a nearby shopping mall - I met a Kenyan who was in Hyderabad in 2003 for the Afro-Asian Games. Interesting, isn't it. I ended up getting a small discount too :). We then  returned home and spent more time discussing by the pool and putting together a draft presentation before we headed for the Chinese dinner.
Thursday - the much awaited field trip to meet four women groups. The true country side of Kenya came alive. After getting used to Riverside Drive and Upper Hill, it was hard to get along on the Embakasi roads. This definitely gave us a feel of the other side of Nairobi. 
By the end of the day, we had covered four women groups - engaged in agriculture (Wisna Farm), fish farming, peanut butter making, arts and crafts respectively. The passion and vision they have towards their small scale businesses and their drive to make them big was very inspiring. We got so much involved in their businesses and kept taking notes that we skipped lunch. After an exciting day filled with lots of inspiration, knowledge and interactions, and of course some authentic shopping, now back at Riverside for a good nights' sleep. A very interesting and fun-filled Friday awaits tomorrow. #ibmcsc Kenya

Group 1 - Agriculture
Group 2 - Fish Farming

Group 3 - Peanut Butter Making
Group 4 - Arts & Crafts

Group 4 - Discussion

Alex with the kids

Embakasi -1

Embakasi - 2

Shopping time!

With the Itambo Family

WEF falls under this Ministry
Bag Manufacturing
Riverside Pearls


  1. That is indeed a wonderful first hand experience to peek into the lives of the local villagers! Loved the intricacies and colors of the bead jewelry!

  2. Nice to see the other side of Kenya. Behind the colorful artifacts, can see the efforts they put it..:) very inspiring...