Wednesday 7 May 2014

WEF @ 11F

At 7AM we left Riverside Pearls to head towards the Social Security House - the building that houses the WEF office. The traffic as usual did play havoc, but we were well on time - all set to kick start work. After getting introduced to the different teams and departments, we got to our meeting room, where we would be working for the next  20-25 days. With an excellent view from the window, the room was a neat and compact space for the four of us on the team. 
We then got into some serious business and had short meetings with all the departments to understand the organization and the work they do. It was amazing to know the kind of good work that the team in WEF was doing and their passion and inclination towards Women Empowerment and Community Building was inexplicable. 
Interspersed with short tea breaks, photo sessions and a good lunch, the first day was definitely a perfect start. From WEF @ the 11th Floor of the Social Security House.

#ibmcsc Kenya
In the elevator
Our workstation

View from the window. Amazing!

Traffic as seen from the window

Social Security House Block A,B

WEF Badges
Social Security House 

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