Monday 26 May 2014

Can Monday get better than this?

It can't! Woah! What a day! Started of early as usual but all of us went to Strathmore University for a Career Fair hosted by IBM. It was very interesting to talk to some students one-one and the passion they have towards Social Entrepreneurship was so evident - A student said ' I want to gain knowledge to make the world a better place but not a worst place'. The university is doing a great job by providing education and supporting the needy. I also learnt about 'Indiafrica' today - something I plan to promote after I get back home. Being at school always feels so good!
Late in the afternoon, back to some serious business. Cloudy afternoon, chilly breeze, hot tea and some amazing music. Sitting in the balcony working, but didn't lose concentration though :)) After working for 2-3 hours, it was time to get ready for the cultural night @ Daniela's. Didn't miss the swearing-in ceremony in India. Big day back there!
Food from all over the world filled the table in no time. Far better than any other meal that is probably served at a best restaurant around. In fact no comparison. Food, drinks, desserts, music, people, pictures and what else is needed. Amazing evening with the best ever group.#ibmcsc Kenya

@ Strathmore
Business in Balcony!

@ Daniela's

@ Daniela's

For Raghu - Thanks to Ulla-Britt & Heli!


1-2-3- Jump!
1-2-3- Jump!

Dessert Table!



  1. I cant agree more- this is how every Monday should be!! Glad you are having such a good time..

  2. woaahhhh!!! Have a wonderful week ahead!! :)