Sunday 25 May 2014

Shoppers Sunday!

09:30AM - that's quite late to be starting a day at Nairobi. Was supposed to be a relaxed Sunday. Today myself, HS, Ulla-Britt and Alex decided to go shopping. Jimmy arrived at 10:30AM to pick us at Riverside Drive. We first went to Yaya Shopping Centre! After some intense shopping and negotiating there, we headed to The Village Market. Both the places were very different from the other malls we had seen so far. We had a sumptuous lunch and shopped till our Shillings were exhausted. 6-7 hours by the time we got back home. 
Tomorrow evening is our second cultural night and we are all contributing by preparing a dish from our own country. 'Double Ka Meetha' is going to be my contribution - Hyderabadi Cuisine. But it was hard to find all the required ingredients. So it will probably be a Kenya version of the dessert :)). Just pushed it in the refrigerator and all set to be at the Career Fair at Strathmore University first hour tomorrow. The final week begins! #ibmcsc Kenya

Maasai Market!
Sitting in the Refrigerator!


  1. U made it ???? Woawwwwwwwwwww Raghuveer.. Yummy it looks

  2. And the bangles and bracelets look Awwwwwww....0_o