Monday, 7 July 2014

Initial media coverage

Media coverage of our work in Kenya!

Biztech Africa: IBM prepares Kenyan application developers for cloud revolution 
Telecompaper: IBM Trains Kenyan App Developers 
HumanIPO: IBM Prepares Kenya developers for Cloud
CIO Magazine: 50 Kenyan developers complete 2-week IBM Cloud Training Kenyan developers complete IBM Cloud Training 50 Kenyan developers complete IBM Cloud Training

Strathmore University: IBM Corporate Service Corps Team visit @iLabAfrica
Bendera News: IBM Prepares Kenyan application developers for cloud revolution
Women Enterprise Fund: WEF-IBM Meeting at KICC
IBM Cor­por­ate Ser­vices Corps Team Visit @iLabAfrica, Strath­more University - See more at:

IBM Cor­por­ate Ser­vices Corps Team Visit @iLabAfrica, Strath­more University - See more at:
IBM Cor­por­ate Ser­vices Corps Team Visit @iLabAfrica, Strath­more University - See more at:
IBM Cor­por­ate Ser­vices Corps Team Visit @iLabAfrica, Strath­more University - See more at:
IBM Cor­por­ate Ser­vices Corps Team Visit @iLabAfrica, Strath­more University - See more at:

#ibmcsc kenya

Sunday, 6 July 2014

2 months already!

Time flies! Cannot believe it has already been 2 months since we left for Kenya. Seems like it all just started. #ibmcsc #kenya

The next of solos will follow!

Friday, 13 June 2014

Smiles @ Bomas Kenya

Sorting out the pictures and feel so nostalgic about every moment that was spent a month ago! #ibmcsc #kenya #ibmcscalumni

Smiles @ Bomas Kenya!

Tuesday, 3 June 2014

Keeping it alive

Can't resist looking at the pictures and videos again and again. Some more to keep the experience high and fresh. Lets see how long this one continues. #ibmcsc Kenya

Selfie @ Bomas Kenya

Caps from Chile!
On Mother's Day @ Amboseli
Selfie with Jackie & Alex!
Selfie with Daniela & HS

Monday, 2 June 2014

Reactions on return

After a horrifying two hour experience mid-air, the flight finally landed at Hyderabad International Airport amidst showers and winds. But monsoon is not in yet, the day temperature rose up to 44C.
On reaching home, the first reactions - Tanned! Lost weight - indeed yes, delta = 6Kgs :)) 
Unpacked and this time fewer clothes for the laundry. Feeling nostalgic already while I'm browsing through the pictures :))

Sunday, 1 June 2014

Down to Memories

The CSC experience is now down to memories. While I'm looking forward to meeting my family, I will surely miss the CSC Kenya 8 team. Tons of memories to treasure and cherish. And now I know of 15 different hosts next time I plan a vacation! :) Waiting for my flight back home @ Hamad International Airport! #ibmcsc Kenya
Seeing me off! How much I will miss this team!

Saturday, 31 May 2014

Grand Finale

A happy ending to a great beginning. We presented our final recommendations to our customer on Friday Morning. Four weeks of intense work went into putting together our finale presentation. It felt so good to be present amidst both our colleagues from IBM and WEF and to be closing the assignment successfully. The customer was more than happy about the work we had done and highly regarded our presence for the month there. Final photograph sessions, exchanging contacts and cards, hugs and kisses, ahh - the oh-so parting ways atmosphere.
That afternoon we visited the IBM East Africa office for an executive meeting. After a few hours of discussions and meetings, we headed back to Riverside to get ready for the finale dinner at Carnivore (well, there were vegan options too). It was fun to be going together in the bus one last time. 
Post dinner we all gathered by the pool-side to spend some quality time together. Dominic sang for us and we joined him too. And then the hugs and good byes! It is over!

Happy ending!


@ Carnivore

Singing by the pool

Thursday, 29 May 2014

Wrapping up!

The final week is here! Working on presentations, final reports, recommendations ate up much of the time. Wednesday was supposedly the last working day at WEF office. Wink of the eye and four weeks have passed by! Cloudy mornings, long chats in D4, lunch at 'Originelle', discussions in the small meeting room at WEF, the amazing traffic, the long waits for Jimmy, the extra-amazing team, I'm surely going to miss everything. I wish I could take the team and the WEF office along with me to Hyderabad (agree with Ulla-Britt). WEF was very kind enough to give each of us a bag of goodies. That last minute where you want to click pictures, the selfie moments, the good bye drama - was fun! The evening we spent some quality time by the pool side chatting and having a good time.
Thursday - the first 3 teams KAAA, Strathmore and FKE present their final recommendations. While we missed attending the KAAA and Strathmore session, we managed to be on time for the FKE meeting. Lunch at Java House followed by a short walk to the Waajiri House. The meeting was amazing and the recommendations were acknowledged. Today while the 3 teams are relaxing by the pool, the WEF team (us) is gearing up for the final presentation early tomorrow at KICC. Was this urgent update actually needed, midst reviewing my slides for tomorrow? :))) Anyways, there you go. #ibmcsc Kenya

Where quality meets originality :)
Chilling by the pool

Chilling by the pool +

Chilling by the pool ++
Capture from my balcony

Team FKE


FKE Office

Jimmy, where are you?

Jimmy, will you even come?

We cannot stand this any further. So we sit :)

Monday, 26 May 2014

Can Monday get better than this?

It can't! Woah! What a day! Started of early as usual but all of us went to Strathmore University for a Career Fair hosted by IBM. It was very interesting to talk to some students one-one and the passion they have towards Social Entrepreneurship was so evident - A student said ' I want to gain knowledge to make the world a better place but not a worst place'. The university is doing a great job by providing education and supporting the needy. I also learnt about 'Indiafrica' today - something I plan to promote after I get back home. Being at school always feels so good!
Late in the afternoon, back to some serious business. Cloudy afternoon, chilly breeze, hot tea and some amazing music. Sitting in the balcony working, but didn't lose concentration though :)) After working for 2-3 hours, it was time to get ready for the cultural night @ Daniela's. Didn't miss the swearing-in ceremony in India. Big day back there!
Food from all over the world filled the table in no time. Far better than any other meal that is probably served at a best restaurant around. In fact no comparison. Food, drinks, desserts, music, people, pictures and what else is needed. Amazing evening with the best ever group.#ibmcsc Kenya

@ Strathmore
Business in Balcony!

@ Daniela's

@ Daniela's

For Raghu - Thanks to Ulla-Britt & Heli!


1-2-3- Jump!
1-2-3- Jump!

Dessert Table!


Sunday, 25 May 2014

Shoppers Sunday!

09:30AM - that's quite late to be starting a day at Nairobi. Was supposed to be a relaxed Sunday. Today myself, HS, Ulla-Britt and Alex decided to go shopping. Jimmy arrived at 10:30AM to pick us at Riverside Drive. We first went to Yaya Shopping Centre! After some intense shopping and negotiating there, we headed to The Village Market. Both the places were very different from the other malls we had seen so far. We had a sumptuous lunch and shopped till our Shillings were exhausted. 6-7 hours by the time we got back home. 
Tomorrow evening is our second cultural night and we are all contributing by preparing a dish from our own country. 'Double Ka Meetha' is going to be my contribution - Hyderabadi Cuisine. But it was hard to find all the required ingredients. So it will probably be a Kenya version of the dessert :)). Just pushed it in the refrigerator and all set to be at the Career Fair at Strathmore University first hour tomorrow. The final week begins! #ibmcsc Kenya

Maasai Market!
Sitting in the Refrigerator!


Saturday morning we drove to Gatanga, to visit the YARD Community. Luke was a US Peace Corps Volunteer way back in 2003 with this organization. So he decided to take all of us to this place about 60 Kms away from Nairobi. Calm, green and serene was the first impression. Amazing views, tea, coffee and pineapple plantations, hairpin bends and the scenic Ndakaini Dam were a cynosure to the eyes all through. YARD has been successfully implementing community development projects and has been encouraging and empowering youth. After meeting with the enthusiastic team of YARD, we drove further to visit two community groups that YARD serves. It was fun to be in a typical African village setting and dance to the tribal Kikuyu numbers. We spent the whole day at Gatanga and returned to Nairobi late in the evening. Thanks to 'Luka' for arranging the trip.
Dinner time! We decided to be at the Open House Restaurant - happens to serve fine Indian Cuisine. After  hogging on some Rotis and Kashmiri Dum Aloo, we decided to head to a nearby dance lounge. It was an amazing evening with some real amazing experiences. Returned home late in the night and off to sleep! #ibmcsc Kenya




Ndakaini Dam

The Group @ Gatanga!
Green House


Friday, 23 May 2014

Meetings, Visits & Discussions

Wednesday, Thursday & Friday pretty much remained busy days with multiple meetings at multiple places. Though the morning started with some weird side effects as a result of taking the Malaria Pill, the day progressed to be very interesting and exciting. First was the visit to the Catholic University. Ahh! fresh atmosphere - was reminded of my college days. It was fun to have lunch in their cafe amidst the students.
   Post lunch, we had a meeting scheduled with Eric Mibuari and Charity Wayua at The IBM Africa Research Lab. Interesting insights on how technology can be leveraged to solve some of the problems of Africa. The discussion was very stimulating - could have continued, but did we have the time? Following that, we went around the lab to see some of the amazing research that our team is doing. I literally had goosebumps when I heard about some of the projects and the impact those would create in future. Intense and terrific! That night we were guests at Spurwings and were hosted by Raphael and Susan for an awesome dinner. We also had a small birthday surprise in store for HS! Arrived pretty late at Riverside.
   Thursday was another busy day at NSSF and late in the afternoon, we quickly wrapped up to be at Strathmore University for a panel discussion and stakeholder meeting on 'Software Development and Innovation in Africa'. The adroitness and the enthusiasm that some of the students portrayed in coming up with some unique innovations and business ideas was remarkable. Another late night arrival at Riverside.
Friday - another meeting with our Director in the morning, followed by serious work on the final presentation. Back home now and all set for the weekend. Not too many things on the agenda for the weekend, like the past ones. But looking forward to an interesting Saturday followed by a Shopping Sunday! Weekend time!
Outdoor Cafe @ CUEA
@ IBM Research Lab
@CUEA Corridor