Thursday 29 May 2014

Wrapping up!

The final week is here! Working on presentations, final reports, recommendations ate up much of the time. Wednesday was supposedly the last working day at WEF office. Wink of the eye and four weeks have passed by! Cloudy mornings, long chats in D4, lunch at 'Originelle', discussions in the small meeting room at WEF, the amazing traffic, the long waits for Jimmy, the extra-amazing team, I'm surely going to miss everything. I wish I could take the team and the WEF office along with me to Hyderabad (agree with Ulla-Britt). WEF was very kind enough to give each of us a bag of goodies. That last minute where you want to click pictures, the selfie moments, the good bye drama - was fun! The evening we spent some quality time by the pool side chatting and having a good time.
Thursday - the first 3 teams KAAA, Strathmore and FKE present their final recommendations. While we missed attending the KAAA and Strathmore session, we managed to be on time for the FKE meeting. Lunch at Java House followed by a short walk to the Waajiri House. The meeting was amazing and the recommendations were acknowledged. Today while the 3 teams are relaxing by the pool, the WEF team (us) is gearing up for the final presentation early tomorrow at KICC. Was this urgent update actually needed, midst reviewing my slides for tomorrow? :))) Anyways, there you go. #ibmcsc Kenya

Where quality meets originality :)
Chilling by the pool

Chilling by the pool +

Chilling by the pool ++
Capture from my balcony

Team FKE


FKE Office

Jimmy, where are you?

Jimmy, will you even come?

We cannot stand this any further. So we sit :)

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