Sunday 4 May 2014


The first Sunday in Nairobi was combined with some serious work on the kick-off presentation and a chance to witness some traditional Kenyan dances. The day started off with individual teams getting together to understand their scope of work and starting to plan and draft the kick-off presentation. The warm daylight also encouraged us to stay back home. The presentation started shaping up after some serious brainstorming and we had a quick draft ready in a while.
Then late in the afternoon, we decided to go to The Bomas of Kenya - portraying the diverse culture of Kenya. We got to witness two full hours of music, acrobatics and dance forms of Kenya. We then headed towards the traditional village setup located there, to see the crafts, arts and living styles. After spending a good time at the Bomas, we headed for a quick dinner and are now back gearing up and finishing the final touches for the presentation early tomorrow.

Maasai Dance
Jambo-Mambo Acrobats
Kamba Village Model
Team exploring the model huts

#ibmcsc Kenya

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