Tuesday 29 April 2014

Packing & Pre-Boarding

With hardly 2 days left to leave Hyderabad for Kenya, shopping, packing, weighing made up most of the agenda. It was a tough task to stick to the baggage limit, but did I have an option? So the iterations of packing, unpacking and weighing continue, probably would till the last minute. Appropriate clothing for work, for the weekend trips, to be able to manage during the monsoon in Kenya, had to be all taken into consideration.
I also wanted to pick some interesting souvenirs for my team and managed to get some real small, colorful and compact ones that could fit in my baggage.Neither did I miss picking up the very famous Karachi Biscuits of Hyderabad. I could definitely not take the more famous Hyderabadi Biryani from Paradise :))
Besides the packing chores, it was very good to meet colleagues, friends and family who came over to wish me good luck and a safe travel. Definitely a power-packed week. 2 more days to go!
Souvenirs from India

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