Wednesday 16 April 2014

Excitement+ Begins

It was late in 2013, when I got a confirmation that I have been accepted to the prestigious IBM Corporate Service Corps Program. I was very much excited about this once-in-a-life-time opportunity and was eagerly waiting for my country of assignment. The African Continent was my preferred choice and there you go, Kenya ended up being my assignment country! Who would not be excited! I was thrilled not just by the fact that I would be traveling to Kenya, but also by the fact that my first international visit will be to Africa. 
Then the word spreads and there is a frown on most faces on hearing Kenya as against the US or the UK as a corporate travel destination. But that is IBM CSC - solving issues in emerging markets. And I feel so very privileged to be onboard this very selective and effective program. Soon, book suggestions such as 'The Rough Guide to First-Time Africa', 'Nat-Geo Kenya', 'The Masai and the Masai Mara' started flowing in, travel ideas were dominating my mailbox and tips pertaining to health, food and weather came in abundantly. Thanks to everybody that shared valuable information. The excitement had already begun, but there was much more in terms of planning and preparation coming up soon. Excitement+ on its way!

CSC Kenya 8
Kenyan Flag


  1. Good going Raghu! Have a nice trip and safe journey :)

  2. All the Best Raghuveer!!! :)